Just the Facts…

So as I have said this story has been changed and distorted time and time again. I’m not sure if this is for the better or not. But, only time will tell and all we can do is wait and see.

The story in a nutshell is this; A young man awakes to find his world turned upside down. Some how the whole town has turned into flesh eating zombies. But, this young man isn’t like most. He hasn’t been waiting per say but, he wasn’t caught off guard either. Now he has to make his way through a city to gather his friends and make a choice. Stay and fight! To try to figure out how this all happened and stop it. Or put as much distance between civilization and them as possible to stay alive.


2 thoughts on “Just the Facts…”

  1. holy crap that is awesome! Sorry I missed “Mustache May”, but I did have “No Shave November” at my work. That was a blast!

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