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A Beer Suited For A Supreme Comander

Kim Jong Ale
Kim Jong Ale's Imperial Red Ale
So some friends and I make beer. And sitting around having a few we try to come up with some great names. One of these was Kim Jong Ale’s Imperial Red Ale. So sitting around the other day I had a stroke of inspiration and made this label for the beer. And I know what your saying, there aren’t any Panda bears in North Korea?! Well, your right… except this one. He got real pissed at the Chinese Govt. and defected to North Korea. So ya now who’s the smart guy..hmmm?! I plan on doing the others we came up with as well.


Chillin with the BFF

Well the vacation makes it very easy to hang out with friends. Playing darts, drinking beer, and having some cigars. As much as life sucks at the moment, times are good. If feels good to be optimistic and look forward to a great new possible future. It’s truly good to be alive right now! Thx