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sketches of projects or day to day things I draw

Penny Arcade Me

I haven’t updated the blog in a while. I haven’t really been busy, but I haven’t really been doing a lot of creative things either. So I did this sketch a while ago. I wanted to make me look like the Penny Arcade

Blah blah blah and then the seahorse ate the cheese, can you belive that!
characters, but keep my style in there some where. I think I did a decent job, I can do a lot more to it. Like add a background, or hands. I love vector art more and more, every time I use Illustrator.


Fight Club Book Cover

The First Rule of Fight Club is..
So not having a steady job to go to everyday I have to keep myself busy. One way I do this is make up projects for myself to do. So staring at my movie collection, I figured why not try to redo some book covers and movie posters. I did one in college and to say the least it wasn’t very good at all. So that one, along with a few others I plan on redoing. The first one is by one of my favorite authors, Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. My buddy Hayden Bennett was kind enough to take some stock pictures of me. And aided me in making some fake blood as well.

Snowboarding Lineart

So that last couple of nights have been dreaming of snowboarding for some odd reason. So I wanted to do a vintage doodle type of thing with all the things I like about snowboarding. Some have to do with my yearly trip to Purgatory, CO., others just pure randomness. But, I plan on doing three of these, all very similar to one another. Plus, it helps me use my Wacom tablet more and more.

How We Do
You Know How We Do

A Beer Suited For A Supreme Comander

Kim Jong Ale
Kim Jong Ale's Imperial Red Ale
So some friends and I make beer. And sitting around having a few we try to come up with some great names. One of these was Kim Jong Ale’s Imperial Red Ale. So sitting around the other day I had a stroke of inspiration and made this label for the beer. And I know what your saying, there aren’t any Panda bears in North Korea?! Well, your right… except this one. He got real pissed at the Chinese Govt. and defected to North Korea. So ya now who’s the smart guy..hmmm?! I plan on doing the others we came up with as well.

Polishing Up the Skills

Zombie Goo

A great tutorial about how to use the pen pressure settings in Illustrator and create a neat looking font in the process. Makes me feel better about my total lack of control with the wacom tablet. Check it out! Here

Adidas Logo White
Stitched Leather Adidas Logo

This one makes editable graphic styles in Illustrator so that way you can change them depending on what your needs are. This again can be found at Vectips, the direct link is Here