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Dead Space Art

Dead Time? Nope
So this is a little kiddish art but, that’s why I like it. The gruesome story of Dead Space and the soft clean fun world of kids. It comes from P.A. native J Gray, who has some other great drawings not to mention great beer label art. Check out his blog Burn to Build Here

A Beer Suited For A Supreme Comander

Kim Jong Ale
Kim Jong Ale's Imperial Red Ale
So some friends and I make beer. And sitting around having a few we try to come up with some great names. One of these was Kim Jong Ale’s Imperial Red Ale. So sitting around the other day I had a stroke of inspiration and made this label for the beer. And I know what your saying, there aren’t any Panda bears in North Korea?! Well, your right… except this one. He got real pissed at the Chinese Govt. and defected to North Korea. So ya now who’s the smart guy..hmmm?! I plan on doing the others we came up with as well.

Armadeaddon: Dark Genesis

I roll 20's!

Armadeaddon: Dark Genesis This isn’t new by any means, just a great zombie web comic series from Penny Arcade. I would say its one of the sources of inspiration that made me want to make a graphic novel. It’s nine pages long, just hit the next button to keep reading. Enjoy

Hey Negrita: Zombie Music Video Trilogy

Don't ever leave your back to a door!
British Country Rock band Hey Negrita had UK based animation studio Pew36 make a short film that spans three of their songs. Pew36 describe the video as:

A music video trilogy for Hey Negrita’s tracks ‘One Mississippi’, ‘Nine to Five’ & ‘Burn the Whole Place Down’. The brief was to create 3 music videos which hold their own but can also work as a long format piece. This award winning animation has screened all round the world and has something for everyone.

Let’s see the undead, check. Your friends getting turned and you have to kill them, check. Scantly clad woman running in the darkness, check. Buckets of blood, double check. Using random items as weapons to defend yourself, check. Yup I think this one has it all. Check out the full video at Pew36’s website or the 3 separate videos on Dailymotion. And if you liked that sort of music check out the bands Facebook page.

Full Video

Daily Motion
1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3

Just the Facts…

So as I have said this story has been changed and distorted time and time again. I’m not sure if this is for the better or not. But, only time will tell and all we can do is wait and see.

The story in a nutshell is this; A young man awakes to find his world turned upside down. Some how the whole town has turned into flesh eating zombies. But, this young man isn’t like most. He hasn’t been waiting per say but, he wasn’t caught off guard either. Now he has to make his way through a city to gather his friends and make a choice. Stay and fight! To try to figure out how this all happened and stop it. Or put as much distance between civilization and them as possible to stay alive.

The Story within a Story

So as I write this book, I get more and more ideas of how to change it. Then my “ADD” kicks in and I forget to stay on track and that’s why I’m not that far along. But, with recent developments in my career. I have some free time now to work on the novel. So here is some unfinished shots of the story within the the story of the zombie apocalypse.