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A Very Zombie Holiday

From the gamer girls that your brought your that horrible but pretty hot Gamer Girls and Geeks video (ala Katie Perry – California Girls). But, this is much better and has some real useful info as well. enjoi


AMC Beauty Tips from The Walking Dead

AMC has released another behind-the-scenes featurette from The Walking Dead, this time examining the fascinating work that went into creating the make-up effects for the first zombie that will appear on the show. What’s so great about this clip is the old-school make-up work that is being done on the series. The classic techniques on display above would be just as home on an 1983 episode of Standby: Lights, Camera, Action as they are here.Topless Robot – Beauty Tips from the Walking Dead.

The Least Practical, Most Awesome Zombie Weapon Ever

Topless Robot – The Least Practical, Most Awesome Zombie Weapon Ever.

So if any of you were wondering what to pick up for my bday. THIS! And form of this would be the best present, ok pretty close to a years membership to Craft Beer of the Month Club (thx family!) but awesome none the less. Here’s the OG post from Unreality.com The link is to Topless Robot, a great Nerd Blog.

It’s the greatest weapon possibly ever conceived, the RPC, or Rocket Propelled Chainsaw.  Yes, it is EXACTLY what it sounds like, and provided you have an unlimited amount of chainsaws, you’ll be the zombie killing champion of the post-apocalyptic world.

I’m frankly surprised such a device hasn’t shown up in a game or a movie yet, but there’s still hope for Dead Rising 3, which literally attaches chainsaws to everything you could possibly imagine. I’m pretty sure the protagonist of that game will literally have chainsaws for arms, legs and a head, with a secret compartment in his chest…for another chainsaw.

Hey Negrita: Zombie Music Video Trilogy

Don't ever leave your back to a door!
British Country Rock band Hey Negrita had UK based animation studio Pew36 make a short film that spans three of their songs. Pew36 describe the video as:

A music video trilogy for Hey Negrita’s tracks ‘One Mississippi’, ‘Nine to Five’ & ‘Burn the Whole Place Down’. The brief was to create 3 music videos which hold their own but can also work as a long format piece. This award winning animation has screened all round the world and has something for everyone.

Let’s see the undead, check. Your friends getting turned and you have to kill them, check. Scantly clad woman running in the darkness, check. Buckets of blood, double check. Using random items as weapons to defend yourself, check. Yup I think this one has it all. Check out the full video at Pew36’s website or the 3 separate videos on Dailymotion. And if you liked that sort of music check out the bands Facebook page.

Full Video

Daily Motion
1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3

Polishing Up the Skills

Zombie Goo

A great tutorial about how to use the pen pressure settings in Illustrator and create a neat looking font in the process. Makes me feel better about my total lack of control with the wacom tablet. Check it out! Here

Adidas Logo White
Stitched Leather Adidas Logo

This one makes editable graphic styles in Illustrator so that way you can change them depending on what your needs are. This again can be found at Vectips, the direct link is Here

New Cast Annoucments for AMC’s The Walking Dead

Laurie Holden (Andrea)
Laurie Holden (Andrea)
AMC has added to the cast of Frank Darabont’s apocalyptic zombie drama “The Walking Dead.”

The production has tapped Laurie Holden for the role of Andrea, a key member of the survivor group who has a proficiency with a sniper rifle and falls for a man twice her age.Holden was in writer-producer-director Darabont’s “The Mist” and had a recurring role in the final season of FX’s “The Shield.” She is repped by APA and Framework.

Also, Adam Fierro has joined the production as a consulting producer. The ICM-repped Fierro has worked on such serialized dramas as “Dexter,” “Shield” and “24.”In addition, newcomer Steven Yeun has been added to the cast as Glenn. He and Holden join Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey DeMunn and Jon Bernthal on the show.

Fallout: The Movie, With Hookers!?

A post-apocalyptic dark comedy about a man trying to get some hookers. Part of a series entitled “Nuclear Coleslaw.” Is how the Youtube channel describes this short film set in the Fallout Universe. So I’m kinda mad I missed this dlc/mod. But, as short films go this is pretty good. I like the white balance to it. Not sure if its cause of the compression or what but all the scenes inside the plane body are pretty dark. Lets hope there is more to come.

The “WWW” to Get 2000 New Fonts

examples of the change
The Difference is Clear

A company that owns 2,00 fonts is going to make them “all” available for the web this Tuesday. This following a few other companies making their fonts available this past February. So this is going to be a huge boost to not only the Web Designers community but the web community as a whole. Just think of the amount of space that is going to be saved by not having to upload images with text in it. Which in turn will lower the load times for everyone. Also, making the text an image removes it from search engines. Now they wont have be, and searches will be more accurate. And that’s just scratching the surface of the possibilities.

But, with every great thing in design comes the bad too. Remember the early days on the web where every page was black and text was in a thousand different colors? Neon green, pink, blue, red, orange..orange for Christ’s sake?! Scrolling boxes and messages. Flashing pictures and animated ones as well. These pitfalls were everywhere and man did it make things hard to read. I just hope that this change is going to be subtle and that most people won’t even notice it even happened. Yet even still, I’m pretty stoked about this.

Go to the LA Times for the complete story.

To illustrate how Web fonts will look different than system fonts, the designers at Monotype Imaging created the following visual. The image on the left uses system fonts: Microsoft Corporation’s Verdana® (heads); Monotype’s Times New Roman® (nav, paragraph in brackets) and Monotype’s Arial® (paragraph copy, What’s Hot & Recent Posts). The image on the right uses web fonts: Linotype’s Coronet® “finally, fashion that’s frugal”; Monotype Imaging’s Parma (family) is used for the serif text, and the sans serif text is in Monotype Imaging’s Felbridge.